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“Not many organ CDs have ever provoked such strong anamnesis in me. Baskeyfield’s technique is swift and unerring. He handles the Opus 7 with breathtaking ease… there is always a strong and clear narrative arc with beautiful phrasing. Baskeyfield knows how to tell a story with the organ, and there seems to be no literature he cannot interpret convincingly. I consider this a document both of the organ and the room; this is a listener’s album. May you be transported as suddenly and happily as I was.”
-The American Organist, January 2020.

“Baskeyfield, first-prize winner at numerous international competitions, is entirely unfazed by the technical challenges and plays with both astounding virtuosity and musicality.”
-Choir and Organ, May/June 2019

“This transcription is sublime and one hears the organ as an orchestra demonstrating Baskeyfield’s incredible technique… After reading law at Oxford, Baskeyfield moved to the US for graduate study in organ performance and, as the final movement of Evocation reverberates, one recognizes what an excellent choice that was. The thrill of the crescendos leading to those final tremendous chords in the last movement of Evocation leads me to declare that I’m on the lookout for more of Baskeyfield’s recordings.”
-Organists’ Review, June 2019


Marcel Dupré was one of the most important figures of the twentieth century Parisian musical scene, a child prodigy who would go on not just to be Professor of Organ at the Conservatoire but to serve for a time as its Director. Through an enormous international tour schedule, he attained a degree of international influence unprecedented for an organist, particularly in the USA. 

The synthesis showcased in this recording between music and organ is of a well-traveled Frenchman writing French music with the most modern American instruments at the forefront of his mind, played on a daring, forward-looking American organ with a strong French accent. In Dupré’s own words, ‘mechanical improvements on American organs are far in advance of European… I believe that American inventiveness and ingenuity will within the next few years bring about advances as yet unheard of.’


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