“Exquisite playing….breathtaking.”

(Choir & Organ, London)


“This 31-year-old Englishman plays with clarity and rhythmic verve. His dashing red tie and matching socks (the latter apparent in big-screen projections of the pedalboard) were somewhat at odds with his entirely modest way of taking a bow.”

-Montreal Gazette

“The heavy-duty program, played entirely from memory, progressed from Bach through Mozart and Liszt to a substantial representation of the French “symphonic” school of organ music… There was plenty of flair, and impressive command of registration changes, in both the Liszt Prelude and Fugue on B-A-C-H and César Franck’s B minor Choral. Louis Vierne’s Impromptu bubbled along fluently, and it’s hard to imagine a more commanding performance of the Final from the composer’s Sixth Symphony. Baskeyfield’s feet flew flawlessly up and down the pedalboard in one of the trickiest pedal parts in the organ repertory.”

-Dallas Morning News

 Fully developed technique, virtuosity in the most difficult passages, perfect coordination between hands and feet, musicality, richness of ideas in the registration scheme. In brief, absolute professionalism… concluded masterfully. 

-La Presse, Montreal

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